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Costs encourage longtime commitment to social media

No easy fixes. Think through your media plan. “Social media is a great tool to implement into your business because it’s so cost-effective and will give you quicker results.” That statement, according to Danny Brown, chief technologist at ArCompany and a marketing blogger, is mostly myth. True, […]

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Social media can be intimidating to CEOs

CEO Chief Executive Officers, or the CEO as a class, are viewed as leaders; people with clear-cut abilities able to reason quickly and make sound decisions without crippling delay. Now word comes from The Wall Street Journal that some CEOs are showing signs of uncertainty, balking when […]

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Social Media for Business: A Long Term Investment

Social Media For Business Not long after the birth of social media, the iconic “like” button plug-in was introduced to encourage immediate contact with a reader. You clicked “like” if you shared a similar opinion with the person making the entry. It didn’t take businesses long to […]

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Olympics’ Brass asks fans to cut back on Tweeting

Olympics Tweeting With reports out of London that Olympic-oriented tweets from fans are clogging networks and affecting broadcasts of the events, officials for the XXX Summer Olympic Games have requested the impossible (the absurd?) from social media users: Back off the tweeting! Fans have been asked to avoid […]

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