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The New American Pie: Baseball and Social Media

Baseball and Social Media Baseball, the grand old game whose American origin dates back to the mid-19th century, and that darling of all current heartthrobs, social media, have blissfully come together on the base paths. ESPN sports business guru, Kristi Dosh, recently reported in an online article […]

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Small businesses to increase social media in 2013

Small Businesses We just left a year in which a U.S. presidential election and a superstorm were voted among the top stories. It was a big year for social media as well, as the social-video space teemed with users swarming Pinterest and Tumblr to present their visual […]

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Social Media Election lights up Election Night

Social Media Election The two presidential candidates weren’t the only ones in the media spotlight the evening of November 6th. Again making headlines throughout traditional media coverage of Tuesday’s Election Night coverage was the giant social universe. We could call it the new Social Media Election. Three […]

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