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The New American Pie: Baseball and Social Media

Baseball and Social Media Baseball, the grand old game whose American origin dates back to the mid-19th century, and that darling of all current heartthrobs, social media, have blissfully come together on the base paths. ESPN sports business guru, Kristi Dosh, recently reported in an online article […]

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The Power Of Pinterest Previously, in Part II of our blog on Pinterest, we addressed the ways the creative business owner puts Pinterest to work: pinning topic-specific subjects that may arouse the interest of others; cultivating followers by sharing and promoting other users’ pins as a way […]

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QR Codes: for here and the hereafter

QR Codes If you’re not familiar with QR Codes (quick response codes), think barcode with an enormous capacity for information. Acting as a kind of pointer, QR Codes currently are being used on everything from products to advertisements to tombstones. Tombstones? Indeed, several U.S. companies have already […]

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