Social Media Marketing

Can  You  Compete?

The Wall Street Journal says:
“Social media marketing is the best way to brand your business and generate more awareness of who you are and where people can find you than any other source on the Internet. It is what every business must do to compete.”
With more than 140 million Americans visiting the top 50 social media sites every month, you and your business must be visible!

That’s why, a 16-year old website and online marketing company, has developed the Social Media Marketing Program™ (SMMP). This unique results-delivering system specializes in getting your company and web site listed on the top 100 social media sites and business directories. In addition to superior web-designing, Social Media Marketing Program™ augments its social media focus by bringing you four-tool marketing capability via mass e-mailing, video production, strategic banner placement, and Google AdWords.


Why should  I  use Social Media Marketing?

  • Over three quarters of the entire population in the United States uses social media every month!
  • According to a survey conducted with over 5,000 Internet business and consumer users, more than 70 percent of those utilizing social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and others, have purchased products or services from those sites.
  • Forbes magazine has mentioned, “Social Media has replaced traditional advertising and is expanding upon the dominance of search engines as the format for how to sell any service or product you have online.”
  • And from Bloomberg Businessweek: “Those that understand and implement a consistent social media marketing campaign for their business will benefit tenfold over those that do not.”
  • In addition, 95 percent of all Internet users say they would research products and services to determine what to buy on social media sites and directories.

To make effective inroads in today’s business climate, your company needs to be in the top 50 social media sites so that it can be found easily by current and prospective customers. Establishing a social media platform from which to communicate and sell your target customers efficiently and fast is critical.


Best  Path,  Right  Plan

Guided by proven principles honed from years of serving the marketing needs of our clients, MIPX.NET will present your business to the most effective and appropriate social web sites for your industry. Working with a variety of business owners across the country, we have pioneered the best path toward establishing the right plan for social media marketing.


Why  It’s  Important

It is in every business owner’s interests to advertise and give customers information on how to locate and transact business with them. Maintaining happy customers who remain satisfied and who may refer others your way is essential.
Use the most effective approach to smart marketing for your business. With the Social Media Marketing Program™, we’ve created a system that will help you establish your company on the Top 100 social media sites and business directories in the United States.