Case Studies

Facebook Campaigns:


Garner Building Supply is a locally owned Home Improvement store in Rogers, Arkansas. One of their marketing goals this year is to increase awareness about the store and their services among the 20-40 year old age group of their local community.

When they started with our Social Media Marketing Plan they had virtually no Facebook presence at all. Over the past few months we’ve created content and implemented facebook campaigns, marketed specifically to their target demographic, and increased their facebook likes from 0 to over 300! The greatest benefit of the new page likes has been the increase in customer participation and feedback; and the comments and responses from followers on posts and photos continues to grow!


Finders Keepers is a locally owned furniture store, featuring new and consignment items, with two locations in middle Tennessee. We’ve had the opportunity of hosting their website for many years, so promoting that they are the Safe, Simple, and Smart solution for selling gently used furniture items is one of the reasons why they chose to implement a Social Media Marketing plan with us last year.

We created a facebook page for them as way to showcase not only their constant inventory of new furniture, but also the consigned items that arrive every day! We started by building a great following – over 400 likes in less than 6 weeks! We’re now building an application that will post the new consignment items added to their website for each store to their facebook page. Once it’s active, facebook followers and regular customers can see the newest items instantly, rather than missing out on great deals because they weren’t able to visit the stores!



Life Care Center of Hickory Woods is a skilled nursing and rehabilitative therapy facility. They are a part of the Life Care Centers of America family, but wanted to grow awareness in the community where they are located. This beautiful facility specializes in recuperative and rehabilitative care after an illness or operation, and prepares patients to return to their normal daily lives.

We created a blog to share news about the facility, as well as upcoming events and articles impacting the senior community. They’ve featured blog posts about the latest state-of-the-art therapy equipment and rehabilitative programs available at their facility, inspiring seniors including 80 year old athletes and WWII soldiers, open house senior health fairs, exercising tips and techniques, and their award winning chef!


To Romance, with Love is a cookbook, complete with everything a man needs to create a romantic meal. After creating the book, the author’s goal is to become known as “The Romantic Cooking Guy.” As his website host, he came to us to create a Social Media Marketing plan after attending a convention that showcased how The Pioneer Woman went from a simple recipe blog, to national success.

We created a blog to start branding him and build up a base of articles with recipes, cooking videos and instructions, romance and relationship tips, and current events. Each week we posted one recipe and one romance tip from the author, as well as any news or upcoming events. All posts were copied to their facebook page and sent out via RSS feeds to subscribers.


Email Newsletters


Newsletter Mydoc copyFor MyDoctor, using a mass email campaign and newsletter is crucial for communication between reps and clients. Reps are able to use the newsletter as a sales tool, as it contains links to pertinent forms, demonstration videos, even a link to download the product itself! Mass emailing the newsletter to referrals has been a great way to introduce the product to new potential clients.








Newsletter FK copyFinders Keepers uses an email newsletter to inform subscribers about upcoming specials in the store. Because of their unique pricing system for consignment furniture, items are marked down on a weekly basis, based on how long the item has been at the store. This newsletter also informs customers which items have been reduced that week. This is a great way for customers to keep up with a particular item they have their eye on!







Online Directories and Branding


sur-loc brandingSur-loc Flooring Systems is an internationally recognized name in the Special Event Flooring industry. With distributors located across the US, Canada, and Mexico, their brand needed to be cohesive across all channels and instantly identifiable. By utilizing online business directories, there are pages of search engine results showing the same unified information. Ensuring that no matter which directory site a potential client may be searching, the company is presented to them with the same information each time.





Donnelly Timmons Google Screenshot copyDonnelly Timmons and Associates is a custom home builder, specializing in custom additions and renovations. Much like Sur-loc Flooring, being found online in every possible place a potential client could be searching for them was a major factor when they started the Social Media Marketing Program. Pages upon pages of search engine results with their directory listings has helped to position them as the most reputable custom home builder in the community.