About Us

About Us

Since 1997, MIPX.NET has been helping business owners and mid-size corporations across the country develop successful online presences, brands, and marketing campaigns. In virtually every industry, businesses have moved successfully toward their company goals and advertising objectives with the smart help of MIPX.NET.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, MIPX.NET features a talented and reliable team that serves the marketing needs of businesses around the clock. More than 4,000 firms nationwide have developed websites, Google campaigns, social media placement, and successful marketing efforts through MIPX.NET. The company utilizes a personal one-on-one approach that brings clients customized excellence, adamantly refusing to automate or use one-look-for-all templates in its celebrated design work. A trailblazer in its field, our latest program innovation encompasses the vast universe of social media.

MIPX.NET has introduced the new Social Media Marketing Program™, which sets up businesses on the biggest and best social media sites and business directories. The system is comprehensive and intelligent, determining on which sites a client needs to be present and why. In addition, the plan’s dedicated social media managers call monthly to recount results as well as pinpoint strategy for the upcoming month.