What is Web Development?

What is Web Development?

Web development has become a necessary component to businesses in virtually every sector of society. But what is web development? Web development is a cousin, so to speak, to web design but with a broader and deeper meaning. Where web design involves the visual aspect and aesthetics of what your website will look like, web development involves the whole process of developing it until it is ready to be viewed online.

The difference between web development and web design can be understood more easily by an example of a new product launch. Whether it is a box of cereal, a pizza restaurant or a grocery store much detail is going to be applied to visual appeal and design so potential customers will be attracted to the product or store.  This is web design. Web development is like the whole process of what makes the product or store work.

Web Development

Web development involves making sure the website (product) works correctly, runs smoothly, operates efficiently and gives the customer or potential customer the information they need to make an informed decision to purchase. A website that has its info in the proper place with links to other content related to the same subject matter is like a store that has information on its products available.

Also, web development as a whole project often does include web design where web design can mean just the visual aspect or graphic design of the website when taken literally. For the business that hires a web company to develop their site it would be wise to take this advice. Make sure they know how to make your website appealing with their web design skills while making sure it performs well with informative content that will be beneficial for its customers.

Remember, if you go to a new store that has great visual appeal with colorful signs but go inside and it is disorganized and has an unprofessional feel – you will leave quickly and probably not come back. Your website is exactly the same. It must have visual design appeal AND be organized with a professional feel. Web development can also include social media, search engine optimization within the content of the website and other intricate details


There are other items of importance included that search engines like Google look favorably upon which include internal links. This is what we do at MIPX for our customers. The whole web development package.

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