Quality Online Content Is King

Content Is King

Web developers and internet companies have long heard that content is king for their websites. It is true now more than ever. However, the words quality online content is gaining more traction because of content farms and duplicate copy. In a race to have more quantity content many businesses have sacrificed quality.

Google has become smart to this and has penalized sites that have paid for duplicate copy or spun articles and paid for link farms. Some company’s that have been affected by this have towed the line and will become better for it in the long run. An example is the online article directory websites. Some have great content but let some not so good articles slip through the cracks.

To emphasize the importance of online content consider a report put out by Adobe and Econsultancy called “Quarterly Intelligence Briefing: Digital Trends for 2013.” Some of the findings of what digital marketers will concentrate on for 2013 as compared to 2012 are as follows:

  • 2012 Content Marketing 29% – 2013 Content Marketing 39%
  • 2012 Social Media Engagement 39% – 2013 Social Media Engagement 38%
  • 2012 Content Optimization 39% – 2013 Content Optimization 31%
  • 2012 Mobile Optimization 29% – 2013 Mobile Optimization 30%
  • 2012 Brand Building/Viral Marketing 32% – 2013 Brand/Viral Marketing 26%

Content Marketing

Notice content marketing increased a full 10% in just one year. The surprise analysis not listed here was video marketing which plunged from 21% in 2012 to 9% in 2013. This has a lot to do with the respondents who took the survey which were client-side marketers. This means there could be an opportunity for other marketers to capitalize on the exploding YouTube video market not fully taken advantage of by many digital marketers.

However, even in the video marketing space quality content is king. With over one billion videos the only way to stick out from the crowd is having something weird, extremely creative or by having great quality content that is optimized for the search engines.

Even some very creative videos never get seen because of not being content optimized. So again – Content Is King.

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