Social Media for Business: A Long Term Investment

Social Media For Business

Not long after the birth of social media, the iconic “like” button plug-in was introduced to encourage immediate contact with a reader. You clicked “like” if you shared a similar opinion with the person making the entry. It didn’t take businesses long to figure out that this was an exciting new marketplace from which to cultivate new prospects and clients. Social media for business found a new friend.

But far too often the social media landscape has been utilized by businesses in the same manner in which they may have approached traditional advertising: shout it out, and shout it out loud and often. But when no overnight uptick in business sales emerges, many businesses dismiss social media as an ineffective method for marketing. Like a relationship gone off track, sadly, these businesses spent too little time courting their intended!

Long Term Investment

Like any meaningful connection, social media for business demands a long term commitment. It’s not a one-and-done endeavor; no short-term promotional venture. In fact, the business that only trumpets its sales offers and product line promotions has missed the point. That’s because social sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and others are about developing relationships—and that goes for business relationships, too. The companies that get social media are the ones looking to expand their presence through on-going conversations and meaningful connections with their customers. That often means embracing not only their customers but their customers’ friends as well. That unique sharing holds the magic—and opportunity—of social media. As people pass along your information, share your links, and re-tweet your tweets to their networks, simple mentions can multiply exponentially.

Businesses that get the most out of social media regularly update their pages and contain useful, interesting, and fun information not necessarily tied to that business’s specific products or services. Back in July, Toyota ran a contest on its blog that vitally engaged readers: They were looking for help in naming one of their new products and presented that request in a contest format. It was interesting, creative, and entertaining. That’s connecting with your customers through social media!


Remember, very few people are on social media to buy. They are on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Pinterest or Foursquare to share pieces of their lives, which may include learning more about your company. But it is never about pummeling people with sales offers. Remember the earlier relationship analogy? Figuratively speaking, grasp your online customers’ hands warmly and romance them!

In the end, people buy from people they trust. Begin building that trust online slowly and steadily. With social media, as with your own business, you’re in it for the long haul.

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