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True Blog

Blogging has become the new editorial page. With the advent of the Internet and technological advances over the past 20 years, writing—blogging—about your company’s topic of choice has become a major player in the communications game. Last year, nearly two in five U.S. companies maintained a public-facing blog for marketing aims.

But with as much attention as the subject receives, the question still invariably arises: Why blog?  An amazing 50 percent of Fortune 1000 companies polled by Blog2Print in late 2010 cited “It’s the cost of doing business today” as the main reason for corporate blogging. But that mercenary stance doesn’t begin to adequately address the situation.

The Blogging Opportunity

In fact, blogging is an opportunity. With a substantive, creative, thought-provoking blog, you can position yourself as an expert in your field. The content you blog may be valuable or useful to your potential clients, who in turn will begin to develop a trust with you, putting you a step up on your competition.

From the same survey mentioned above, 46 percent of corporate CMOs responded that what makes a great blog is its ability to engage with the company’s “community,” or readers, especially posts that invite feedback or discussion.

There is one cardinal rule to observe about blogging: Do not use it as a vehicle to overtly plug your product. Yes, it is a sales tool, but it should be an indirect one. It is best not to clobber potential clients and visitors with a constant parade of drum-beating. Become a better communicator.  

Show the world the thoughtful, helpful side of your company. That’s a message worth sending out.

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